The commission rate for bidding online with Aspire Art Auctions is 15% (VAT is charged on the commission only)

Customs and additional VAT may be applicable for artworks that leave the country.



Bid online with Aspire Art Auctions and build a collection of value. As a leading South African auction house, highly regarded for its innovative and intelligent approach, Aspire assists collectors in buying the finest art produced on the African continent and abroad. We are increasingly the destination of choice for global audiences looking to engage with the most important modern and contemporary African art. Collectors can acquire works of art through our online auctions or through our private sales division.

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Please consult our Online Bidding Guide below, which details the steps required to participate in our online auctions.



Visit and select the ONLINE BIDDING tab

Under the AUCTIONS tab, select UPCOMING AUCTIONS to view the current auction open for bidding

Select EXPLORE AUCTION to view the lots

Once you have identified the auction of your choice, first-time bidders will need to create a bidding profile by clicking on Register to bid. You will be redirected to the Create An Account webpage where you can create and register your bidding profile.

Once you have registered you will be able to sign in and can start biding in our online auctions. In the case of an auction that commences as an online auction and thereafter shifts to incorporate a live auction component, you will be able to place your bids online in advance of or during the live component of the auction.

You can also save your favourite auction lots to your profile’s Favourite Items list.

To register, you will need:

1.     Contact information (phone, email)

2.     Billing address

If you are a returning bidder, you are encouraged to click on the Register to bid button as well as this action will redirect you to the Sign In webpage. From here, you can sign into your profile and place your bids.

Be sure to carefully note the date, times, commissions and taxes applicable to the auction that you wish to participate in. By participating in any of our auctions, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Business.



Once signed in, select the auction you wish to bid on by either clicking directly on the auction’s sale title or the EXPLORE AUCTION button located next to the auction’s sale title.

You will then be presented with a list of lots consigned to the auction. Identify your desired lot and click on the item. You will then be able to preview current, real-time bidding information on a particular lot:

·       Current minimum bid – the lowest bid that you can submit for the lot. The lowest bid consists of the current winning bid plus the next bid increment.

·       Starting bid – the initial price set for the lot at the start of the auction.

·       Bid increment – the minimum increased amount that you must bid above the current minimum bid.

·       Auction ends – the date and time at which the auction will no longer accept new bids and winners are selected.



Ensure that you are successfully signed into your Aspire Art Auctions profile. To sign in, use the username and password that you used to complete your registration process.

Next, identify your desired lot and select your bid amount via the drop-down box labelled Bid Amount. Bidding choices start with the current minimum bid and go up by the minimum bid increments.

After having selected your chosen bid amount, click on the PLACE BID button.

Once you enter a bid, you will be sent an email confirming your bid amount for each auction lot that you selected. Your bid will be included in the current Winning Bids table at the bottom of the bid page until your bid is out bid by a new winning bid from another auction registrant.

The Winning Bids table provides auction visitors with the following real-time information on the current winning bids:

·       Bidder – the paddle number of the current winning or your name if you are the current winning bidder.

·       Bid time – the time at which the current winning bid was placed.

·       Bid price – the current winning bid plus the bid increment.

·       Quantity – the number of lots selected by the bidder in the current winning bid.



Please note that you can leave an absentee bid by entering the maximum amount that you wish to bid on a particular lot. When placing an absentee bid the bidding system will automatically and incrementally bid on your behalf up to your maximum absentee bid amount in the event that you are outbid by another auction registrant.

When you are out bid, the bidding system will automatically bid one increment above the latest winning bid to ensure that you are the winning bidder and will do so until your maximum amount is reached.

Once you are no longer the winning bidder, it means that your maximum absentee bid amount has been out bid by another registrant. When you are not the winning bidder, but your maximum bid amount is the same as the current winning bid, it means that you were outbid by another registrant whose maximum bidding amount either matches or exceeds your maximum bid amount and that the winning bidder placed their absentee bid prior to yours. The system gives sequential preference to bidders based on when they first entered their bid into the bidding system.



Before the auction closes, consult the current Winning Bids table on the bid page to see if your bid is still winning. If it is not, you can place another bid. Throughout the course of an auction, we encourage you to regularly consult the ongoing bidding information that relates to your particular lot.

In the case of an auction that commences as an online auction and thereafter shifts to incorporate a live auction component, you will be able to place your bids online in advance of or during the live component of the auction.

Once the live component of the auction has begun, all pre-existing online bids will be translated and transferred into the virtual auction environment as each successive lot is opened. The auction platform will open bidding on the lot at the highest CURRENT BID online. You can continue to bid online via our website and increase your maximum bid as the virtual auction is conducted, both on the current lot, as well as on later lots in the auction.



If you are the winning bidder of a particular lot, you will either receive an automated email to inform you that you have won or Aspire Art Auctions will contact you upon the conclusion of the auction.



Due to the technological nature of any online bidding environment, such an environment might be subject to related latencies or errors with regards to any form of data transfer. Accordingly, Aspire Art Auctions is hereby exempt from any liabilities resulting from such latencies or errors.


Please contact us: for any additional assistance.